Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Pretty Girl...

Tani's 6th Birthday was on thursday, these pics are from then..
She had a little party today with five of her little school friends,
the weather wasn't the best for it, but they all had fun.. :-)

She got a little Barbie toy cash register, and absolutely loves it, a Pandora Bracelet with 2 charms, lots of clothes, a stuffed littelest pet shop toy, a book, a pair of shoes and a bag and some window stickers all from us.. The cute dress she is wearing here is from Craig and Tegan, It is so cute! She also got a few pandora charms from other people.. Nanny, Mark, Sheri and Tiff. Farm Poppy and Auni. Grandad. and Karen, Matt, Chris and James. as well as numerous other things today.. Including a bloody chalk board..... Thanks Karen!! lol

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vicmbee said...

Happy Birthday Tarni... you look gorgeous in your new dress... the weather hasn't improved any it's pouring and windy here atm..