Monday, July 20, 2009

9 Months

Another month has passed...
At 9 months:
  • 12.12 kg
  • 74.5 cm
  • Crawling everywhere flat out.
  • Cruising furniture flat out.
  • Transfers between things while cruising.
  • Walks holding 1 hand.
  • Stands alone for up to 30 seconds - 1 minute.
  • Gets into all my cupboards.. Pulling crap out all day!!
  • Eats weet-bix for breaky most days. (big achievement there!)
  • Has 3 bottles per day, 1 during the night.
  • Eats way more of our food, although still puts up quite a fuss about it.
  • Has just started clapping occasionally.
  • Waves. If he feels like it lol..
  • Says Mum, Dad, Nan, Bub, Hello, Go, Gone, Num (yum), Book.... All are repeated over and over. eg, book book book book... He sounds like a chook!
  • Loves to laugh, especially at Jed. He absolutely adores him!
  • Is starting to respond to NO.
  • Gives the biggest loveliest kisses.
  • Loves his daddy to death, gives him the biggest cuddles when he gets home.
  • Still likes to go to sleep to loud music.
  • Still sleeping with me for most of the night... :-(
  • Has the funniest cheesiest grin ever.

Pics taken July 9th at the Bull Paddock.


Pauly said...

Wow, your little man is growing fast! Little cutie! Great that ya Mum got to spend a bit of time down your way. Did ya find ya mojo after scrappin ya mojo page?

Teegs said...

OMG 9 MONTHS!!!! thats soo sad:( I love that pick with mark and Tani in the background, heaps cool:)

Nicole said...

:D sooooo cute. LOVE that first pic, that is the most gorgeous cheesy grin.

Zayne looks so much bigger than Dea even though there is only a little difference in their weight. Now isn't hey such a clever clever little boy. He'll be walking before you know it. Dea is just starting to try and crawl now. Took him long enough. LOL

Your photos are brilliant girl, always so clear and bright.


Sue said...

Little cheese-burger. So cute, and I could have smuggled him home with me, bet you would have followed me all the way though, even if it was only to drop the other two off, hehehe.
He is way too clever, says more than most kids his age.