Friday, June 12, 2009

8 Months

8 Months already..
I'm not sure where the last month went!!
Not going to ramble on this time lol..
Just going to get to the point while he is sleeping.
At 8 Months:
  • He weighs 11.42 kg.
  • He is 73.5 cm long.
  • Head is still 46 cm.
  • He is a terrible sleeper at night. Doesn't like to sleep unless being held, and even then wakes up numerous times during the night!
  • He is fairly good with his daytime sleeps now though.
  • He is the fussiest eater ever.. Wont try anything new at all, it drives me crazy! Loves his custards, cereals and pumkin and sweetcorn. Also likes toast and sandwiches.
  • Says Dad, Dadda, Bub, Bubba, Go, Gone, All Gone, Hello Dad, Mum.
  • Loves his bath time, Hates getting dressed afterwards..
  • Loves to be naked... Too bad its a bit cold this time of year though!
  • Has cut his 2 bottom teeth.
  • Has just gone onto formula. He seems to have weaned himself, just stuffs around if I try to feed him.
  • Is pulling himself up on everything and cruising around.
  • Has started exploring the house.
  • Gives big kisses and cuddles.
  • Slaps alot. Rather hurts a bit too :-(

Thats about all I can think of..

Pics were taken in Bermi on Sunday 7th, 3 days before he was 8 months..


Sheri said...

aww his so gorgeous!! i love him to bits :P
did you get any pics of the other kids while you were down??

Nicole said...

AWWWWWWWW, he's soooo gorgeous, love Zaynes big eyes.

Can't believe the boys are going to be one soon

I do hope he starts sleeping for you at night. I'm having trouble with Dea during the day now. LOL


Sue said...

Love those big puffy cheeks. Not real sure about the sand diet though. Think you had better start saving to come visit again.
Think we need a pic of Jeddles with his new glasses?