Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time Flies!!

I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I updated... It feels like only days. Haven't been real busy round here but the days just seem to fly by...
Its an exciting day today!!! Craig and Tegan are on their way home.... To live!!!! I so can't wait to see them, and have them back here, I have missed them sooooo much....
Zayne was 10 weeks yesterday!! Already!! Makes me so sad that my last baby is growing up so quickly... When he got weighed at the clinic yesterday he was 8.38kg, he is sooo heavy I can only carry him for a few mintues before my arm starts going numb :( He went in the Jolly Jumper for the first time yesterday and loved it, He tries to bounce and dance around, its so cute!! LOL and he talks to the door frame, its hilarious... Of course Jed and Tani have to bug the crap out of him while he's in there too, when he's whingeing they want nothing to do with him, but they can't leave him alone when he's happy *roll eyes*, It drives me up the wall!
Here is a pic of the three of them, his first time in the Jolly Jumper...
Zayne.. 10 weeks, all charm with the little spew dribble and his shorts stuck in the Jumper.. I fixed them after this, it was a bit un-attractive lol.... But gorgeous, love his chubbiness!!No thumb sucking for this kid!! He gets the whole fist in there, it sounds terrible, lol big slurps all the time :-)

Sheri and Tiff came to stay for 2 nights during the week, It was awesome to see them, we don't get to often enough... Last time they saw Zayne he was only 5 days old, and now he is huge compared to then!! Got some nice pics of them too.... :D
Unfortunately we didnt do anything while they were here, I dont have room for everyone in my car now :-(

This is the canvas I made for Jackie for xmas... Dunno if she will like it or not but ah well!!

So I just remembered I was going to upload 2 of my masters projects... Going to see if I can do it now..

After lots of stuffing around here they are, the first is my keepsake my favourite out of all the projects, it was a last minute rush job too...

And my double.. really didnt like it too much..

I got HM's for my single and for my calendar... Really not surprised I didn't make the 10, loved so many of the things I have seen on blogs and in the mags... Some stuff I didn't love so much too, but ya get that...:-D.... LOL

Anyway thats it I think sorry for the long boring post... Going to get Zayne since the yapping F#@!*&G dog next door woke him up.


Sheri said...

love the album and the double
Zaynes soo gorgeous with his big chubby leg hanging out :P
thats such a good pic of the feet :)
do ya wanna send me some pics of us and the bub and of Jed and Tani if you got any good ones

Lauren said...

Love all the pics Tara, Zayne is offically bigger than Chloe (@ 8.5 months!), she got weighed on Thursday at 8.1kg!!!
Gotta love chubba bubbas!! He is just SO cute!
Love the album you made on Tani too.

Sue said...

Love all the pics Tar. Specially love the one of Tiff and Zayne. Love Tani's album too.
Bub is gonna be walking before I see him again. Tell him to slow down a bit.